Entry #2


2008-09-02 02:22:16 by KHA0S

I feel that I should post something new, on account of my friend, Next-To-Nothing, and me making a game together. I always find it surprising when I get a comment or two on these posts, since I'm not very well known for anything special, but why should those people have all the fun, right? A while back I started talking with my friend, and we decided to take a stab at another flash together. It was probably in the late 2006-7's that we made a flash together, type in Colin Teahan cause I have several accounts. What was a one night project turned into a pretty legit game I must say. I'm just glad that its over, and somewhere out there one person may have been amused by it. As for the future of my Flash making, I'm not sure, but someday I wish to make something commendable, just so I don't have to pretend people are reading this :)


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